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Do Digital offers digital marketing strategies, tactics and plans to effectively communicate your message to your customers and target audience online.
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Digital Marketing Strategy

The success of your business depends on how effectively you plan to get people to notice you and buy what you’re selling.  Successful brands start by having a solid marketing strategy – the roadmap that you will use to let the world know about your business.

Do I Need a Digital Marketing Strategy?

Well, not always. But you need a digital strategy if you:

  • Are launching a new business, product or service
  • Want to refresh your brand
  • Plan to target a new audience or market segment
  • Need to generate more awareness to get more business
  • Don’t have the time to put one together yourself
  • Don’t know how best to put one together

How it Works:

  1. Orientation: We chat about your business to understand exactly what you do
  2. Objectives: Let’s define what you want to achieve and your timelines for getting that done
  3. The Plan: We put together an marketing strategy with tactics that you can implement yourself, or we can help do that for you

Why Use a Do Digital Strategy?

All businesses are trying to cut costs. This often means that marketing shifts down on the list of priorities with very little budget allocation. We get that. But while that may be a short-term band-aid, the long term effects of not marketing and losing momentum have a much greater negative impact.  Why would you want to leave gaps for your competitors to overtake you in critical areas of your business? It just doesn’t make sense.

So that’s where we come in with our plan. (Cue the superhero music)


Do Digital strategies are completely budget dependent and unique to each client. Our plans are geared around giving you the most value for money – both in the strategy planning phase, as well as the roll-out phase.

In plain English: we create something completely unique for you that won’t break the bank (and let’s be honest, that’s the important bit).

Keen to get going? Great!