There’s no denying it: nothing replaces the physical presence of teachers in their classrooms. But the reality of today’s times remains: the learning landscape has changed and teachers are having to use a variety of virtual tools that complement their daily teaching regimen, in order to stay in touch and ahead with their students.  Now more than ever, teachers’ online presences are crucial for their students’ success. The challenge is to continue to create engaging and stimulating online lessons using whatever means can be found, to cover the same amount of content and assessments that would have been done in the classroom.

A massive shift in thinking has happened. The way it needs to happen is new and different. Teachers have had to learn fast and have had to be open to reinventing themselves as learners in unchartered waters. And for many, it’s become a sink or swim scenario. Now, anyone on the staff with advanced IT skills is a godsend – someone of instant value who can solve just about all one’s online troubles, in grateful exchange for sticky, baked goods.

Old comprehensions can now be revamped into newly composed Google forms (don’t forget to add the submission date!) while another Maths test is expertly churned out as a Kahoot quiz. The next Parents’ Information Evening is set up on Zoom, with the link attached, or was that supposed to be a Microsoft Teams meeting?

Kaboom! The world of teaching and learning will never be the same again!

Launch yourself! Set up a tutor or LMS website.

As overwhelming as it can appear, the journey towards virtual competence can be exciting and completely gratifying. The setting up of one’s own learner management system is easy and it will manage all online teaching requirements.

Become a virtual force to be reckoned with amongst your students, colleagues and ‘techie’ parents. And above all, surprise yourself with your own ingenuity as you get comfortable in your own new virtual space.

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